Wednesday, February 25, 2009 by Daniel


Since I would be leading the classes this evening, I went in to the gym in the morning to do the workout myself. I'm pleased to get the opportunity to try my hand at leading classes for a whole week, but it is going to be a bit of a challenge squeezing in my own workouts around class times.

2P KB Swing
Pull-Ups (Men C2B)

9:53 (pullups were on rings - don't know if that's RX or not)
(splits 2:48 | 4:14 | 2:50)

I thought I had a pretty good idea of what this workout would be, and I was right: it's Fran with a kettlebell. The weight is lighter and the movement easier than a 95# thruster, so I know I'm still nowhere near a 10 minute Fran RX'd (no surprise there, really).

I killed the first round - the swings were unbroken, the pullups were 7-7-7. This vigor did not last into the second round, clearly - I had to take three rests in the swings and the pullups were 5-5-5. The last round was done 5-4 each.

I'd like to think I could have done better in the higher pressure of a class setting, but can't be sure. My pullups would have been on a bar, which would slow me down.

All week, I'm going to be substitute-coaching the CFEB classes in Max's absence. Tonight was the first two, and they went quite well. I'm constantly impressed by how hard our veteran CrossFitters push themselves - I exhorted them to push their intensity as hard as they could, and they did. They're so experienced at this stuff that all a coach really needs to do is start the stopwatch and then yell at them a bit. The newbies were a bit more challenging - evaluating what weight to recommend to someone you don't really know is iffy, so I erred on the side of safety and tried to get them to watch their form as much as possible. The first class was a walk in the park - only 9 people, none of whom were completely new. The second class was more challenging - 26 people forced me to break it into two groups, but thankfully the workout was so short that there was still time afterward for some easy stretching. I'm nervous about tomorrow - Diane - and the number of available bars for deadlifting if the class is crowded. I've done it with Max before in, I think, three or four waves - hopefully it won't get that crazy.

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