Wednesday, February 25, 2009 by Rebecca

Going Heavy

Warmup: ME, partner Squats & hip openers, 20 V-ups, 20 pushups, pullup practice, KB swing practice.


2P KB Swing *1.25P
Pull-Ups (Men C2B) *kip attempts


I totally failed at watch management today. I didn't start it until I was waiting for a spot on the bar for my first set of pullups, I hit the timer once, after my first set of pullups, and only remembered to stop it when I was in the locker room long after the WOD ended. So no data re: rounds.

Due to the low volume of reps, I decided to go for it and try to do my swings with the 1.25P (grey) KB. Not the Rx Weight, but closer than the 1P. Unfortunately the swings were so heavy that it was hard to get a real metabolic hit with them; Daniel told everyone not to take more than 5 breaths if you absolutely had to put the weight down, but 2-3 breaths always felt like plenty - i just had to wait for my hips to be ready to fire again. My best reps (and there were only a few per round) were nearly eye level. most of my reps were about rib cage level. So - not anywhere near full ROM for full american swings, and even a little short of russian swings, but it felt like the right decision to try to work with heavier weight.

I also feel really good about my kip attempts. My first set (once I finally got a spot on the bar) was 15 unbroken. One or two were REALLY close. I probably need to sacrifice some momentum and consecutive attempts for trying harder to get higher up on each rep. I feel like i have the kip movement down really well - but either I'm not getting enough power out of opening my hips (and my powerless squats lead me to believe that this is entirely possible) - or(probably 'and') I am just not strong enough to pull myself that last bit up to the bar. But I think I am closer on these than I was a week or two ago.

Overall I was happy with the way thiw workout went.Also, I really liked stetching out after class. I think it makes a big difference. Thanks sweetie ;-) *AND Daniel makes an awesome coach.

11:45 - 7:50 - only woke up once on my own, but was awakened several times by cats - one who was trying his damnedest to scratch his abscessing cheek through a plastic collar (which is damned noisy), and the other one who wanted to be let outside since the collared kitty can still get outside with his collar on if the cat door is open. Stupid cats.

8:45 1 multi v, 2 omega-3, 2, glucosamine
8:50 8 oz milk
10:00 12 oz coffee w/2/3 cup 2% milk
1:15 1.25 cups cottage cheese with almonds & cinnamon
3:30 2 oz spiced cashews
4:30 2/3 svg of green curry w/ chicken & cashews.
8:15 Regular Carnitas burrito w/ cheese, black beans & guacamole, 16 oz milk
9:00 2 omega-3
11:00 2 zma

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Ynez Arce said...

Way to show that 1.25P who's boss, Becca!

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