Sunday, January 4, 2009 by Daniel

Focus on Form (with video!)

Fairly thrashed from the two-WOD day on Saturday, I resolved to spend Sunday focusing on form and not really pushing the weight. Lucky for me, the WOD was overhead squats, so it's not like I could really push the weight high OHS are transitioning between "complete crap" and "not complete crap" - progress of which I'm very proud.

Overhead Squat 15-5-5-5


As the video shows, I need to work on my depth, particularly when the weight goes up. My shoulder flexibility has improved, though, which is invaluable since my back flexibility really has not, and I still can't keep my chest very high (on any form of squat, really). Still, this is 20# heavier than the last time I tried OHS, and my form feels much more solid. I think 95# (and an RX Jeremy) are no longer way out of my reach.

We went from one Touchstone gym directly to another, to do a little climbing with Katherine & Blake at Mission Cliffs. With ripped up hands and sore muscles, I didn't expect a stellar job, but it wasn't actually that bad.

10a(o), 10d(f++), 10d(f+), 10c(f)

The first 10d was a really delicate book stem, with tons of open-hand slopers and tricksy balancing. I slid off a lot, and did not get the last move legitimately - it involved rotating to get my other hip against the wall, and although I knew this was what was needed, I just couldn't figure out how to do it, so I just swung over on the rope. Bad. The second 10d was a great climb on the slab/roof wall, with lots of big, satisfying moves that seemed impossible until you figured out the right progression, and then were easy. It had a VERY tricky expanse of 6-7 feet traversing under a roof with NO footholds - took me forever to figure out that a portion of the texturing had come off the wall, and you were supposed to use the quarter-inch of purchase this gave you as a foothold. The last 10c was nothing but huge buckets, just very long and very steep - I was so pumped I couldn't make it all the way to the top without resting.

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