Monday, January 5, 2009 by Daniel

Social Climbing at GWPC

Lately, it seems that a day in which the only physical activity I do is climbing is essentially a rest day. Well, active rest, I guess. Certainly not GOOD climbing, as my body was pretty wrecked from the week.

GWPC: ML10a(o), ML10b(o), 10d(f++), 10c(f)

The mocks went smoothly, although I biffed the final clips on the b. The 10d was a really technical arete that kept traversing left and right over the arete, with verrrrry small holds and big steps up. I kept getting freaked out and relying too much on my arms, which would cause me to fall. Some deep breaths and getting back on and suddenly the move that seemed impossible wasn't that bad. If only I could maintain that sort of zen all the time. The 10c was a really neat climb that didn't look like an arete, but had holds cunningly hidden around corners to make it feel like one. It finished with a big roof that I just didn't have the steam to pull all the way - I fell off the last move.

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