Friday, September 5, 2008 by Daniel

Hot fun in the summertime

Hot today! And a lot to blog about...

*16 hour fast*

Morning workout:
54 Burpees (sprint style)
~5 minute rest
30 minutes of easy jogging on treadmill (5mph)

It was interesting monitoring myself during this workout. The theory behind it, as I read here, is that in the absence of any insulin (thanks to the fasting), working a sprint-type workout will quickly deplete my glycogen stores, and prompt my body to begin tapping bodyfat for energy. Once the fat is released, a low-to-moderate intensity cardio will burn that up and prevent reabsorption, and voila!

So I'm not exactly sure whether it was the energy release or just plain ol' endorphins, but I noticed an elevation of my mood and a "second wind" about 5 minutes after the burpees. On the treadmill, I kept an inner eye open for these types of mood swings, and noticed another one after about 15 minutes (the treadmill is deadly boring, so introspection of this type is not difficult). There were a couple minor ones every five minutes or so after that, but nothing as dramatic as the first two. It was an interesting feeling of minor elation and personal satisfaction, and strength. I wonder if that was the result of my body releasing energy to my muscles from the fat stores? At any rate, apart from the tedium of the treadmill, it felt good.

Evening workout:
Deadlift 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1

Everything from 245# on was a PR!

This is me seeing God at the top of my 285# deadlift.

I've never actually calculated my 1RM deadlift, so it's good to finally have a number for this. The 285 was TOUGH, and felt pretty borderline on the form. I may have been able to do 290, but didn't really feel the need to push it. 1.5BW for me, by the way, is 270.

My last 5x5's were at 235. 80% of 285 is 228. So that's about right, I think.

For time:
240 meters 75# sandbag carry
21 box jumps
240 meters 45# OH carry


I did not much care for the sandbag carry on one shoulder - felt like it was knocking my spine out of whack. The box jumps and OH carry were easier.


Maximus Lewin said...

I think you should stay where you are, but for the record, based on a 1RM of 285, you might expect to be able to do ONE set of 5 @ 255.

We generally start at 80% of projected 1RM for 5x5 cycles when we are beginners, so even though you are in the middle, it should still work well.

At the advanced level (2x bw dl for example)we sometimes will start all the way back at 60% of 1RM in order to get an eventual 5-10% increase. It get a lot tougher as we approach our genetic potential.

Evelyn Rodas said...

Very nice, Daniel.

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