Thursday, September 4, 2008 by Rebecca

Shoulda skiped the gym tonight ...

Daniel and I went to the gym to do our weekly Thursday 5x5 routine (which we haven't had a chance to do since mid-August.)

Warmup: mobility exercises, 20 air squats, 20 incline situps, 10 burpees.

We usually do squats first and then bench press, but the squat cages were over crowded, and it was clear we weren't going to be able to squeeze in any time soon, so we reluctantly decided to do bench first.


This was hard - a lot harder than it should have been. 60# is what I did last time, and i very quickly failed at that weight - Daniel had to rescue me. I have a small suspicion that doing the squats first really helps to finish off the 'warmup' and really gets everything pumping, and that not doing them first is one of the reasons this felt so hard. The other two reasons are because I did not eat well today - missed lunch - and it's been several weeks since I've worked out regularly.

The squat cages were still packed when we were done with the bench,so after some heming and hawing, we decided to try to work on my pull up a bit. Daniel assisted me up to the top of the pull up, and i worked on negatives - about twice. My shoulders started off tired from yesterday's workout, and weren't really happy about struggling through the bench.

Finally we just decided to call it an evening because it was getting late, and tomorrow is a fasting day for Daniel so we needed to get home in time for dinner.

I did 15 more burpees while I wated for Daniel to get out of the locker room - so i only have 48 left to go to finish off the 50 day challenge.

Now my shoulders are not just tired, they pretty damn sore. ... Maybe if tomorrow's CFEB workout at GWPC isn't too shoulder centric we'll go do that as a 'special treat' for my Birthday ;-). ... Dunno what it is yet tho ...


Maximus Lewin said...

Deadlifts. Happy Birthday.

Evelyn Rodas said...

Oh, I totally put the comment about skipping lunch w/ the wrong post, Rebecca. Ooops.
Whose birthday? D or R?

Evelyn Rodas said...


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