Friday, July 4, 2008 by Rebecca

Happy Independence Day!

WOD 7-4-08

400 Meter Run X 4
- Run 400 meters every 5 minutes on the fifth minute.

Followed immediately by your choice of Pull-Up or Push-Up Ladder:
- With a continuously running clock do one rep the first minute, two reps the second minute, three repss the third minute... continuing as long as you are able.


Run 1 2:16
Run 2 2:16
Run 3 2:06 PR!
Run 4 2:16

Made it almost through round 9 with the pushups, but didn't quite make it.

We finally made it up to the track about .5 miles from our house - it's up a pretty big hill to get there so just the process of getting to the track in something of a warm up. But it's set on a hill side with lots of eucalyptus and redwoods and actually has some pretty fantastic views of the bay, so it's a great place to run. The only down side is that the central field is completely gated off with a high industrial fence, which makes for a slightly less 'friendly' environment, but there is a little pach of grass with some bleachers and a set of bars - some high enough for short people to do pullups - 5' - 6.5' high or so, and some quite low to the ground .75-3.5' or so- the only use i could think of for them was for doing pushups - or maybe some sort of modified bench dip.

I'm shocked that three of my four runs were exactly the same. I was sure my last run was going to be a LOT longer cause i felt like i just had nothing left after run 3. RUN #2 probably should have been shorter - I was the official time keeper, and i got tangled up with the process of starting the 5 min timer, and hitting my lap button, so i was still fiddling with my watch when i started running. In retrospect i probably just should have set the timer for 20 minutes instead of trying to restart it every 5. But all in all i am really psyched about run #3. Definitely a PR - and, sadly, just 2 seconds shy of the level 1 benchmark . So close! Next time, for sure.

I was doing my pushups full ROM, on the low bar that was about 2' off the ground. Before we started I tried the different bars and was planning on using a slightly higher bar about 2.75 feet up because i had a really hard time with the 2' one, but once i started i decided that 2.75 was too easy, so I moved down to the lower bar, and was having a much easier time with it than i did pre-run.

I got 6 & 7 pushups pretty easily, unbroken even! Then kind of struggled through 8, but only had 1 small rest @ #6, and then just completely failed getting through 9. I was surprised how quickly that happened. I probably should have moved back up to the higher bar to try to finish out the set, but I was also the time keeper, and was a little distracted.

All in all, though I thought this was a fun workout, and I'm glad we decided to take the extra time today to do it before we head off for our two day outdoor climbing clinic which we are both REALLY looking forward to. It'll be a really nice mini vacation. We'll bring our camera and post some pictures when we get back.

Be Back on Sunday!

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