Thursday, July 3, 2008 by Rebecca


So I did Helen for the first time today - weee!

Helen WOD
Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1.5 pood Kettlebell x 21 swings - used 12 kg
12 Pull-ups - used BIW gravitron set to 90


Modified: 24:37

Round 1:
Run: 2:36
KB Swings: 1:40

Round 2:
KB Swings: 2:51
Pullups: 3:09

Round 3:
KB Swings: 2:52
Pullups: 2:46

I feel pretty good about how I did on this today. We did the running and the KB swings outside, and the pullups had to be done inside so there was a pretty significant transition time between the pullups and the running. At the end of the first round i hit my lap timer as soon as I finished the pull ups, at the end of round two I hit it just before i started the run because i really wanted to get an accurate time for the run. I wish i had thought far enough ahead to do it that way the first time.

The runs felt food - i think the first round might be a PR - not sure - I haven't been good about keeping a record of my PR benchmarks, so I've added it to my goal list on my Blog. Just for a place to start I'm calling my round one time a PR. So there :p

The kettlebell swings mostly felt good too. The last time I did these my traps felt sad and bruised for a week. I suspect i was doing more lifting with my shoulders than 'poping' with my hips, so this time i really tried to focus on doing most of the work with my hips. It was really easy to tell which reps i got that right with, and which reps I didn't - the kettle bell felt a lot heavier when i got it wrong - practically weightless if i got it really right.

I didn't manage to make it through any rounds unbroken - the first and thirds round i got to about 13 or 15 - the second round i got to ... 4 :o . The second you loose the arch in you back .... schlooop - there you go - getting sucked under with the KB on it's downward swing ... weeee!

I actually did better on the pull-ups than i thought i would. I had it set @ 90. I didn't make it through any rounds unbroken - I usually got through 6 and then 3 and three - though I did have one round - round 2 i think - where it was 6 & 6. I figured out a way to kip a little and use my hips to help me up - and I think maybe next time I'll set it to 80.

All in all, though i am pleased with how the workout went. Yay! Another benchmark to keep tabs of on my list.

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