Friday, July 11, 2008 by Daniel

TRS Ironworks

Tonight was my second climbing competition in the Touchstone Roped Series, this time at Berkeley Ironworks (home turf!).

Final score: 2,428

90 points more than last month at Diablo Rock. Not much, but in general I feel much better about my climbing tonight than I did there - I felt my 10c/d flash there to be a fluke of my height, and I did lousy in my regular zone of 10b/10c. Tonight I flew up the b like it was no trouble, and ran out of time to try again on the c and d, but I think both the trouble spots are well within my grasp once I figure out the beta.

Mom and Dad came out to watch tonight, and it was really nice to show them what I spend so much time doing. Tor was there briefly, but his kids dragged him away, and Kat was there but spent her time climbing mostly with Jamie. Max and Ev were there too, and it was fun to compare notes with them on the different climbs. I really like these comps, I wish I could do more of them. I'll have to miss next month's at Pipeworks, but September 26th is the finale at Mission Cliffs, I believe, and I would LOVE to flash a 10d there. That's my goal.

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