Friday, July 11, 2008 by Rebecca

Lackluster TRS outing - 1 silver lining

Tonight's TRS climbing series was a bit of a let down - though not unexpectedly so. I was pretty sore heading into it, so I wasn't exactly expecting to do REALLY well, but i was hoping to do a little better than I did. I probably should have tried doing some warm ups before just hopping on the wall, but things were so hectic I just didn't feel like i had time to. I should have made time though.

Unfortunately, they put the 'easy' climbs on a wall with a whole lot of negative incline, and 2 under-hangs. It's a wall I have NEVER been friends with. I tried the 5.8 twice, and failed on the same move, twice, and never even made it to the first box.

After such an inauspicious beginning I was happy to watch others climb for a bit while I regrouped.

The 5.10a climb was on a wall I have had much better success with, and I kept hearing other people talk about how easy it was, so I decided to try that next instead of trying the 5.9. I made it to the first box, but slipped and fell shortly after that.

I did some more watching of others and a good bit of belaying, and when the pizza finally came out, I had a few slices. Then I tried the 5.10a again. And I made it all the way to the top! Fairly sure that it was the first time I have made it cleanly to the top of a 10a - so that was pretty exciting. Definitely the bright spot of the evening.

Unfortunately it was the only climb I made it to the top of (or even to the first box of ) all evening. I tried the 5.10a/b as my last climb of the evening and there was a lot more negative incline work than I expected, and I just didn't have the grip strength to pull it off.

Ultimately, not my best showing. It's extremely frustrating that Iron Works is so over-hang/negative incline intensive. There are actually very few climbs there that do not have a serious strength requirement.

We're going climbing @ Mission Cliffs on Sunday - that should be fun :) They definitely have the best walls of any of the Touchstone gyms.

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