Saturday, July 31, 2010 by Daniel

Teams and Tires

In two or three teams:

5 rounds:

each team flips 600# tire for one minute (details tbd)
team with most flips does 2 burpees x lowest flip score x number of team members
team with least flips does 2 burpees x highest flip score x number of team members
if third team, middle team does 2 burpees x middle flip score x number of team members

Up to two people may flip at once.
Each team member must participate in at least one flip.

As soon as last person finishes burpees, round winner starts tire flips.

Winner is team that does the least burpees per team member.

Uh... I think we did 136 burpees on average, per team member.

Our team was 6, consisting of Me, Rebecca, Joe D, Shaul, Faye, and Shaul's friend Mike who had never CrossFitted before.

The first three rounds, we consistently lost by 1 flip to the other team. Maddeningly, Shaul's friend Mike either got tired or just decided he didn't like burpees, so the rest of us had to take his share. I think we did that with much grace, considering.

In the fourth round, following Max's advice, we stopped our strategy of one-pair-per-flip, and after the other four got two flips out of the way, Joe and I just flipped like crazy. Joe did most of the work, I'm ashamed to say, but we did at least manage to win that round. The final round was a tie, which means that our team lost overall, but it was pretty close, all things considering.

A fun workout, but poor form on the tire flips left my back feeling somewhat tender for a couple days.

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