Friday, July 30, 2010 by Daniel

New ways to die with a rope

Can't make it to class tonight, so went up to the Clark Kerr track with a jumprope for some fun.

Death by Double Under: 27 rounds rx

Then, figuring that since I was at a track I should do some running, I came up with this little gem:

Death March by Double-under

In the first minute, perform 1 double-under, and then run for the remainder of the minute. In the second minute, perform 2 double-unders and then run. Continue until unable to complete the required number of double-unders in time. Score is (round of double-unders) + (number of meters/100).

Score: 52rx (25du + 27m)

Definitely a keeper, and easily transferable to other movements (push-ups, squats, KB swings, etc.) The last lap was a very CrossFit exercise in frustration.

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