Thursday, July 29, 2010 by Daniel

OHS and Fran variation

The last round of the OHS cycle, which I'm afraid I only made like 5 workouts of (out of 13):



Pretty happy with this, though - 95# has long been troublesome for me to OHS, and to knock out 15 in a row (on the first try!) felt pretty damn good. Then...

45 Thruster 95/65
45 Pull-Ups

12:40(ish) RX

Failed to write down the proper time. Focused much more on form than on pushing, and as a reward my back wasn't TOO unhappy with me afterwards, and I was only ~25% slower than my best Fran time. Did the thrusters 10-10-10-5-5-5, and the pull-ups 10-10-10-8-7. For at least one of the thruster sets, I felt like I was actually achieving some level of efficiency with them.

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