Friday, May 7, 2010 by Rebecca

2010-05-07 - 6.2k run

Warmup: run 800m

WOD @ GWPC 100507

Run 6.2K @ minute 0:00 (women get a head start at minute 0:00 minus four minutes)
At minute 40:00 group relay bench presses two reps each, starting at 45 pounds and continuing in 10 pound jumps until failure, in reverse order of first to last on the run (slowest runner goes first). After all who are able have lifted a given weight, those remaining add 10 pounds. Bench Press continues until strongest athlete fails. There is no rest between lifts, except as needed, momentarily, to increase the weight.

Ranking is lowest number of combined run/bench performance. For example Athlete A is 1st in run and 4th in bench for 5 points, and Athlete B is 2nd in run and second in bench press for 4 points. Athlete B wins.

6.2k: 5:05; 36:27(5k); 5:46 = 47:19 (minute 43:19 - Technical DNF)

Bench Press (2 reps per set): 55-65-75-85x1(f) 85# is a new 1RM PR.

They had already started the relay by the time i got back to the gym, but there were a lot of people, and they'd only gotten up to 55# - so I basically arrived from the run (feeling like there was no skin left on the bottom of my feet) and sat down at the bench for my first attempt.

I managed to give myself a blister the size of my entire big toe on my right foot, somehow. I really feel like if I had not gotten that blister that I probably could have made the 44 minute time limit. I had to stop and walk a couple times but more because my foot hurt too much to keep going than for any muscular or aerobic failure (though i was plenty tired).

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