Wednesday, January 27, 2010 by Rebecca

1-27-2010 oly cycle #6

750m of rowing
2 rounds, 10 wall squats followed by a 55 sec squat hold. (the squat hold is getting HARD)

Snatch skill practice - 15# bar

Clean& jerk skill practice
several x 30#
2 x 40#
1 x 50#

Ohs 20-20-20

Dips red band aprox 7" tail both sides
4+1 - 5 - 5

Pistols 5 each leg after each set of dips
L sit to a weight stack of 4 thinner 45# plates + 2 25# plates
R same + 1 more 25# plate

Tonight was something of a banner night. My wall squats are improving (a tiny bit, i still have to cheat and cheat hard to get to the bottom position), I was finally able to (on a semi-regular basis) actually link together the full ROM for both squat snatches and squat cleans. More consistently with the cleans.

My flexibility (or lack thereof) in my hips, calves and shoulders is still the limiting factor in my snatch, and I think it is why I can't land them more often - and when I do I am terribly pitched forward - but getting there at all is a pretty good achievement.

My limited ability to stand up with an upright back with any significant amount of weight is the limiting factor in my clean. My quads WILL get stronger dammit.

Tonight, getting the bar up off the floor and diving under it (particularly with the cleans) actually felt right for the first time ever.

Yay progress!

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