Monday, January 25, 2010 by Daniel

Oly Cycle Week 3 Day 1

Warmup: 2 rounds of 10 wall squats & 50 sec active squat holds. Burgener warmup.

Snatch x 1: 60-65-70-75(f)-75
Clean x 1: nope

Front squat x 5: 105-105-105
alternated with 5 depth jumps

Press x 5: 90-90-90

Flex: various static holds, PNF hamstring with strap.

Was NOT feeling it tonight. Whether it was residual soreness from snowboarding or just insufficient warmup, everything felt tight and slow, and I was coming forward onto my toes receiving the snatches. Gita suggested that continuing to do skill work while "not feeling it" only reinforced bad motor patterns, so we never even bothered with the cleans, and just tried to get through the strength stuff. Not a satisfying workout.

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