Tuesday, January 19, 2010 by Rebecca

1-19-2010 - press + box jump &pushup mini metcon

Shoulder Press 5-5-5
40-50-52(fail rep 5)

Depth Jumps* - subbed box jumps
not timed

NEWS FLASH: today marks the first day I have done box jumps in a WOD.  a bit lower than RX - but 45 reps of actual jumping were done. 

For the record the height was 2 of the slimmer 45# plates, 1 10# plate and 1 25# plate.  Once the WOD was done I added 2 more 25# bumpers and did several successful jumps up to that height, too.

Hello!!! Box jumps!!  In a WOD.  Huge first.

Also - matched and nearly beat my 5rm for presses - it was 50# - set in March of last year.

*Depth jumps are basically squat jumps to a box

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