Thursday, October 22, 2009 by Rebecca

What a difference a day makes

Today went very differently than yesterday.

Yesterday I had huge heaps of energy and enthusiasm.  Today I found myself on the edge of tears, pre-workout and nearly quit the workout after round 1. Round 2 I managed to pull myself together, and the workout went pretty much fine after that, but it was an EXTREMELY rocky start, and there was definitely no energy left at the end for a finisher.

There are only a couple things that were different from the day before. I woke up at about the same time, got about the same amount of sleep, ate almost exactly the same food and even at approximately the same times. The only things that were different was that my luch was carnitas and beans instead of chicken and yams, I was slightly sore from the workout the day before, and the warmup was far less rigorous.

Until just this moment, I had been thinking that it was the reduced warmup that was part of the problem, because once I got going I was ok - but I just remembered that I did not have nearly as much fat in my lunch as the day before - I didn't add much extra because I thought the fat in the meat would make up the difference. Conversely yesterday, when I did so amazingly well, I probably had an overabundance of fat because my lunch was accidentally swimming in 'gravy', which was essentially just rendered chicken fat because we were out of flour when Daniel made it.

Based on this accidental experiment, I am going to switch to 2x fat immediately, and see what sort of effect it has on my moods, constant hunger, and overal performance.

And now on to the actual info about the WOD:

Warmup:  ME
Five rounds for time of:
135 pound Hang squat clean, 15 reps (subbed russian swings with the 1.5P/55# KB)
30 Push-ups


I forgot my usual stop watch so I don't have the exact splits, but I kept an eye on the watch when I could. The first round took my about 5:10, I managed to keep each consecutive round until the last round under the 5 minute mark - round 2 finished a bit before 10:00, round 3 a bit before 15:00, etc. the KB swings generally took a little less than 2 minutes, the remaining 3 min was the pushups.

The first round - as I've said - was terrible. i couldn't figure out how to swing the bell - i only got it up in singles, and only barely chest high. i couldn't string any swings together. I actually did the last 5 swings of round 1 with the 1P KB because I got so frustrated. The pushups were similarly difficult.

When I finished the pushups from round 1 I thought about quitting, I thought about switching to the 1P KB, I contemplated trying the 1.5P bell again. It took 10 or 20 seconds for my stubborn nature to kick in to gear, and I picked up the 1.5P bell. And managed to string a couple together at a decent height. From there it was just a matter of finishing it 1-5 reps at a time.

Several people commented on how good my KB swings looked - they were not full ROM - not anywhere near full overhead, but most of them got as high as my chin, and it was definitely as a result of hip power because the only way I could get it that high was in the moment of 'weightlessness' from a full body launch. In that regard they were a lot like SDHP.

In the last round I managed to finish the KB swings in the allotted 2 min, but my pushups just completely ran out, and I just barely missed my goal of 25 min or less. :p

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