Wednesday, October 7, 2009 by Daniel

Two, Two, Two Workouts in one!

100 double-unders
25 burpees
75 double-unders
25 KB swing 2.0/1.5P
50 double-unders
25 dead-hang pull-ups
25 double-unders
25 Thruster 115/75


I think this was intended to be a solid mid-length chipper, but for me it was really two workouts: a twenty-five minute metcon followed immediately by a twenty-one minute strength workout. Yep: the thrusters alone took me nearly as much time as everything else combined. This just goes to show how poor my thruster strength is (hardly news).

The new jumpropes are nice, though - I was pretty consistently able to get sets of 10 double-unders, even when really tired.

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