Saturday, October 3, 2009 by Rebecca


OHS (dowel)
4:33 - this was slow - i was the last one done i think. Partly it was waiting for a box to be available at the pullup bar. partly it was just me being slow. I kept losing my balance backwards on the OHS

The first 2 rounds were weak little barely chin to bar jumping pullups, the last round was 3 kip attempts.

21-10-5-5-3-1 Overhead Squat

15#x 15 (21F)
20 x 10
25 x 5
30 x 4 (5F)
30 x 3 (5F)
35 x 2 (3F)
35 x 2 (3F)
40 F (x 2) (1F)

The thing that kept failing for me here were my shoulders. I'd just lose all ability to stabilize the bar - even when standing still - the bar just would not stay up overhead. I'd get the first few reps done and they'd be EASY - i though 'oh hey - i'm not using enough weight!' - and then the next rep - maybe 2 - and down the bar came. My sidebar says 30# is my 5 rep max, the last few OHS posts make it sound as if it might actually be my 7 rep max. Which would mean that today was not as close to my peak performance as I thought - but it's still not substantially worse - only moderately. One thing that DID go well today is that I was much better at keeping my knees out on my way out of the hole in the squat.

As uncomfortable as this movement is, I'd really like to work this more often. It works everything.

Food log:
2b breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 2 pieces low-carb flax seed bread
3b lunch: chicken tostada salad from picante - sans tostada - I'll just take Daniel's word for it that it was 3b. (seemed to me it might be a lot more like 4)
2b snack: 1/2 cottage cheese, 18 slivers of almond, 4 dried apricots
3b dinner + 1b milk: chicken sausage + yams & sauteed spinach

... I miss being able to snack while making dinner :-(

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