Sunday, October 4, 2009 by Rebecca


1P KB swing/Pushups


That warmup couplet was pretty evil with my shoulders as sore as they are from yesterday's OHS. I had the slowest time in the class by several seconds - maybe as many as 30. My first 15 or so KB swings were really good, but then they totally fell apart. My shoes had almost no traction on the floor which made both the swings and the pushups tricky. These shoes are much better for burpees. The pushups were particularly hard.

Deadlifts 5-5-5-5-5


These actually went relatively well - despite the DNF.

We were supposed to start at 85% of our 1rm - which means that with a 1RM of 155 i should have started at 130, but I wasn't ready to start just 5 pounds shy of my 5RM. So i started with 125. I think it was the right place to start.

Every set was definitely hard. I was never sure whether I was going to make it through all 5 reps - but at least I always made it through at least 3. Since 135# was my 5RM right at the end of our strength cycle, I'm actually pretty pleasedthat i was able to get 135# x 4 today. 135# x 5 feels within range of immediate acheivability with just a little form work.

For some reason, my trouble area seems to have become the top of the lift - once i get it past my knees, I was having a hard time just standing the rest of the way up. But apparently my form from the ground to my knees was fine. Which - as Daniel points out - is just backwards. But that seems to be the way I roll ... >.>

After the 4th attempt I was shaky, and lightheaded, and due to the arrival of fall, also somewhat chilled, and I tried to wait long enough to let the shaky and lightheadedness go away - but apparently I waited long enough for all my muscles to cool down too, and attempt #5 just wouldn't leave the ground.

My main take-away from the day is that I'm relieved to find that I appear to have finally made up most of the ground I lost (at least as it pertains to the deadlift).

Food Log:
2b breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 1piece toast w/ butter
4b lunch: 1cup milk (1p/1f/1c) + 3b quesadilla: 2oz chicken (2p) 1oz cheese(1p) 3tbs avocado (3f) garnished with salsa

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