Thursday, October 15, 2009 by Rebecca




Hang Clean 135/95
Ring Dips

I forgot my watch - i think this took me 13:45 or thereabouts - maybe 14 something. I forgot to write it down too. Bad blogger, no cookie :-p

I used 50# for my cleans and the red band for my ring dips. It was the first time I'd tried ring dips in a WOD - i have such a hard time stabilizing the rings that I've neer felt comfortable trying them, but using the strap makes the rings stay together and i don't have to worry about accidentally ripping my shoulders out of their sockets. I'll have to practice this more. I was able to get a couple with the green band before the WOD started - when i was just trying it out - but I knew I'd never get through 45 reps using the green band. Even using the red band, I had to do lots of singles, and if I'm being totally honest there were several reps where I did not acheive full lockout at the top, but I counted them anyway.

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