Wednesday, September 16, 2009 by Rebecca

Nightmare WOD

Walking Lunge 400 Meters

25 Thruster 135/75
50 Double-Squat Wall-Ball 20/14
75 C2B Pull-Ups

Walking Lunge 400 Meters

Partition the Thruster, Double-Squat Wall-Ball, C2B Pull-Ups, as needed. Start and finish with a 400 Meter Lunge. If you've got a ten pound vest, wear it.

Scaled to:
200m walking lunge

25 50# thrusters
50 14# single squat wallball
75 jumping c2b pullups

200m walking lunge


First Set of walking Lunges: 17:54
3 rounds of 15 pullups and 10 wall ball: 5:38, 4:49, 4:39
15 thrusters: 15:06
2 rounds of 15 pullups and 10 wallball: 4:25, 4:47
10 thrusters: approx 7 minutes
Second set of walking lunges: approx 21 minutes
(10 thrusters + walking lunges = 28:02)


My knees were shaking like jack hammers by the time I finished my fist set of lunges. It made everything else very hard - particularly the thrusters. Ironically, I did the best wall ball I've done in months. The last round or so was pretty week, and probably not quite high enough, but the first three rounds were all very strong, and I was able to catch the ball on a lot of them, too. My knees were shaking so bad, I really don't know how I accomplished this.

My thrusters went exactly how I expected they would - poorly. Pretty much everyone just stood there looking at the bar wondering how they were going to manage to pick that thing up and squat down with it with barely functional knees. We all managed to struggle through them - though there were plenty of failed attempts, too.

My original plan was only to do 60% or 3 rounds worth of 5,10,15 breakdown. I'm not sure why I decided to finish out the bulk of the workout - maybe I just wanted to put off those last walking lunges a bit longer - but I figured I was already more than half way there - might as well finish it off.

I'll be shocked if I'm not viciously sore tomorrow.

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