Wednesday, September 16, 2009 by Daniel

The most crippling WOD ever

Walking Lunge 400 Meters

25 Thruster 135/75
50 Double-Squat Wall-Ball 20/14
75 C2B Pull-Ups

Walking Lunge 400 Meters

Partition the Thruster, Double-Squat Wall-Ball, C2B Pull-Ups, as needed. Start and finish with a 400 Meter Lunge. If you've got a ten pound vest, wear it.

DNF after one hour - did not do 20 thrusters and the last 400m

This workout had people laughing, it was so ridiculously difficult. The walking lunges completely killed hip function, such that everyone wanted to do nothing but pullups because they weren't as hard on the hips. Very painful.

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