Thursday, September 17, 2009 by Rebecca

AMRAP - Pushups, Cleans & Situps

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

5 push-ups
10 hang clean 95/65 (subbed 2 8kg KB)
15 sit-ups

14 rounds + 6 cleans.

Wow. I seem to have rediscovered my workout mojo, somewhere. YAY!!!

So - 75 pushups, 146 cleans, and 210 situps in 20 min. Not bad! Especially considering how sore I was going into it. I just focused on keeping moving the entire time. This beats my best Cindy score by about 2 rounds. But, since pushups were limited to 5, I never really had to fight muscular failure like I frequently do on Cindy - transition times were considerably shorter, too.

My fastest round (the first) was 1:10, my slowest was 1:29 - though that might have been the round i tried to offer advice to a newbie on how to do the KB cleans. My average was 1:22.

1:10, 1:15, 1:23, 1:23, 1:28, 1:20, 1:29, 1:27, 1:24, 1:24, 1:22, 1:26, 1:20, 1:26, 0:38 (5 pushups and 6 cleans)

Happily, I was able to stay pretty consistent.

Folks who did it RX (with the much heavier clean weight) mostly got fewer rounds, although Andrea - who did it Rx - got 16+ which is just rockstar performance, though 65# is not that heavy for a clean for her.

I definitely paid for the cleans the next day. 400m of walking lunges + 146 cleans (at any weight) = hammy and ass pain. Walking and sitting were definitely not fun.

But yay for 14 rounds! I'm pretty excited about this performance.

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