Thursday, August 13, 2009 by Daniel

Been a while

OK, so...yeah. It's been a few weeks since I posted anything. Truth be told, I got a bit burnt out from the intensity of the training leading up to the games, and when they ended I decided to step back a little. I've still been CrossFitting, just not as frequently (2-3 times a week when I'm in town), and have been going back to previous interests: hiking, climbing, yoga. It's been pretty great. But my blogging has suffered as a result.

I did want to get last night's workout down, though, as it was a particularly intense one. Intensity at a level I don't go to very often.

Deadlift 250/185
Clapping Burpee
KB snatch right 2.0P/1.5P
KB snatch left 2.0P/1.5P

38:06 - snatches scaled to 1.5P

A clapping burpee is a burpee with a clapping pushup at the bottom.

This started off well. I was sharing a bar with Brandon at the RX deadlift weight (he was doing 2P snatches, though), and kept pace with him - even getting ahead of him for one glorious round. In the last 5 rounds, however, he kept going at his steady pace and I cratered, so he finished ahead of me.

If I had to identify the source of the difficulty, it would probably be the deadlifts. 250# is manageable for me, but 55 of them definitely adds up, and they were sapping my strength for everything else. My form went to shit (my back hurts today - always a bad sign). I kept expecting it to get easier as the reps went down, but it just kept getting harder, and I started to lose basic mental functions (ie, counting). When it was finally over, I was completely thrashed, and spent the rest of the evening in a semi-stupor. Apart from the sore back, I feel much better today.

I don't recall a workout of this level of intensity since the running/deadlift workout that caused me to nearly pass out a few months back. Something about deadlifts, apparently.

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