Wednesday, July 8, 2009 by Rebecca

800m x 4

Warm-up: ME, a few pull up attempts, some push ups, some minimally successful clapping push up attempts.

Run 800 Meters x 4 every 9 minutes on the ninth minute.

4:16 | 4:24| 4:38 | 4:24

None of these are a PR, but the first one is close. I'm glad I was able to pull that last one in. I had a classmate right behind me the whole way which was a great motivator - but i almost lost it in the end - i got a terrible side stitch about 30m out from the finish line, but managed to run it in anyway. I was having a REALLY hard time breathing today. I thought it was just personal lameness, but Daniel said he was, too.

These scores are quite a bit better than the last time we did this workout. I also spent a lot of time on the ground just trying to breathe between rounds this time that I didn't experience last time. Probably a combination of working harder and whatever was wrong with the air today.

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Jenn said...

Wow, great job with the runs! You've gotten so much faster. The sub-4:00 800 can't be too far away.

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