Thursday, June 4, 2009 by Rebecca

Week 12 part 1 (last week!!)

Warmup: .25 miles on the eliptical - barefoot. That was an interesting experiment. I had a really hard time keeping my right foot in place - i do when i have shoes on too - it just hurt a lot more to mash my toes into the end of the footbed or step on the edge of it. I was glad when my .25 miles was done.

Some OHS dowel squats, hip openers, hamstring stretch, iguana stretch

Back Squats:
Warmup: 5 x 45

5 x 60, 70, 80 PR!

21 x 60# (forgot the 1# weights)

These actually went pretty well, i thought tonight. I had to try twice to get the set of 80 - the first time I failed on rep 3, but the second time I made it though all 5 - although the 3rd and the 5th reps were pretty sketchy. On the whole, though, my knees are staying out better, and I am doing a better job of keeping my weight on both legs. Huge progress from just a couple weeks ago. I also managed not to fall over or injur myself in any particular way. (Although my back is pretty worked from yesterday's deadlifts)

I think the 2 trys at 80 took a lot out of me, but my biggest problem with the set of 21 is just that I don't go fast enough. My arms give out about the same time my legs do - or maybe even a little bit sooner. The first 7-8 reps were great. Then I got to 10 or 11 and lost count and spent a few precious moments trying to figure out whether it was 10 or 11 - had a brief 'interlude' with daniel when he told me he wasn't counting ... I believe I told him to fuck off (in the most loving way possible, of course), decided it had to be 10 and moved on.

Bench Press:
Warmup: 10 x 45#

3 x 50,55,62,67,75 PR!

21 x 57# (15,1,5)

THese went better than expected. I was pretty wrecked after the back squats, and I was definitely not expecting to be able to get my set of 75. The 3rd rep was UGLY - it wavered all over the damn place - but I got it up, so it counts :-p ... I actually, ultimately, probably did a lot more work than I would have if I could have just kept it straight over my torso - so I'm calling it a PR +! ;-)

The wet of 21 ... was ok. The 1 rep in the middle was because I tried a different width grip and did not like it at all.

So farwell for a while to the backsquat and bench press. I'm glad that by the end of it my squat was finally heavier than my bench. :-p

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