Friday, June 26, 2009 by Rebecca

Strength Day

Warmup: ME & Plank holds - 1 min front, 30 sec L, 1 min back, 30 sec R

Pull-Up - subbed 1P KB swings

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3


2:23 round of 15
1:41 round of 9
1:00 round of 6

Total: 5:05

Front Squat: 50-55-60-65-70(PR)

For the mini-metcon I was neck & neck with Lyn - she always got ahead of me on the KB swings, but I caught up to her on the burpees. she finished about 5 seconds ahead of me. I don't know why the KB swings were so hard. 1P swings shouldn't be a problem.

My legs have been feeling tight and stiff for days (I've been having lots of cramping issues) - so I had no idea how the FS would go. I think I should do these more often - they are excellent practice for keeping my back up when squatting. We hardly ever do these and I've only ever done them in sets of 5, and my 5x PR of record is 65#. I made 1 attempt at 75# and didn't get even 1 rep. I think if my legs were fresher, though, I could probably pull it off.

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