Sunday, June 7, 2009 by Daniel

Strength Cycle: Final Workout

Well, we made it to the end! There was a two-week interruption in the middle, with a vacation and a cold, so 12 weeks became 14. And the results have been impressive, I think. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Deadlift x 5: 255 - 275 - 310 (pr)
Deadlift x 21: 245 (unbroken)
Press x 5: 75 - 92 - 107 (pr)
Press x 21: 75 (20-1)

Very nice. My form was pretty crappy on the 310, judging from the scowls on Rebecca's face, but it did go up and down five times. I was not anticipating a good workout - my back has been tired from the squats and the cleans - so I was just happy to get through it. The 245 went surprisingly well, actually, only getting really painful after rep 16. I was SHOCKED to get 107x5 on the shoulder press, and dismayed to fail the big set on rep 20. Gita and a couple others decided to try it, and agreed that 21 consecutive shoulder presses is difficult. Max said mine were looking a little push-pressy at the end, which is dismaying, but oh well. The workout's done. Hell, the whole cycle is done.

So this week we'll test 1RM for the movements, so we can gauge success on the terms we set out to use as metrics, but here's a little preview of where my 5RM went.

Squat 170 -> 205 (+35#, 20%)
Deadlift 265 -> 310 (+45#, 17%)
Press 95 -> 107 (+12#, 12.6%)
Bench 140 -> 160 (+20#, 14%)
Bodyweight 176 -> 191 (+15#)

FIFTEEN POUNDS bodyweight! Holy shit. It's no wonder my climbing and my pullups are horrible. This is preliminary, though - I'm stopping the creatine today and will remeasure bodyweight in a week. From what I understand of how it works, my muscles are puffed up with water from the creatine, so I should hopefully drop some of that this week to get a more accurate picture of how much weight I actually gained.

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Ev said...

Don't sweat the cert. It was easy. I'll send you the pdf for the study material, if you haven't gotten it already. They sent it to me kind of late. Print the stuff out and study. You'll find you have a lot of familiarity with much of it. A little over a year of CrossFit experience (and kicking ass, I might add) puts you in a very good position to rock it. Also, you can't fail. It would take an exceptionally clueless person with no previous experience to fail and you're above average, especially with respect to understanding and being able to relay the movements (both the simple and the complex). When you go for your L2 you can sweat it. Apparently there is currently a 70% fail rate on that one now. Things have changed.

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