Wednesday, June 3, 2009 by Rebecca

Halting and sometimes slow - but more progress nonetheless

Warmup: run 800m, 10 jumping pullups, 15 OHS dowel squats, double under practice ... 20 min or so of waiting for heat #2.

3 Rounds for time of:
10 Deadlifts (275lbs men / 185lbs women) *sub 125#
50 Double-unders


4:54 !

The double unders were clearly the time killer, here - but I got 150 double-unders today - definitely the most I've ever gotten at once, and round 3 was TWO minutes faster than the first two rounds, which i think is pretty awesome. I was able to string more together with fewer skips in-between. Most of my double unders were -skip, double-under, reset. I decided early that it was not worth the energy to try and fail, so I just tried to keep a steady pace doing 1 at a time, and making as sure as I could that I got more reps than i missed. I would only try for consecutive reps if I was pretty sure I would make it. Round 3 i had several strings of - 4-6ish skip-du-skip-du,etc. I do not know what my longest string of unbroken was.

The deadlifts were probably about right - perhaps I should have tried 130# - I was still able to get a set of 4 for the first reps of the last round - 2's after that , and 1's for rep 8 & 9.

After the workout Daniel and I stretched each other's hamstrings using PNF. It's crazy how well that works! Usually when i sit on the ground with my legs out straight in front of me I can can bend down to about a 45degree angle. After he was done I could almost get my nose to my knees. More importantly, I was able to get MUCH farther down on a wall squat than I ever have been able to before. (where you squat with your nose and toes close to a wall). I hope that we make a regular habit out of this. It was great! ... It didn't last very long, but hopefully with repetition, it will last longer and longer.

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