Sunday, June 28, 2009 by Rebecca

DNF - with a PR

Warmup: ME, ...? Can't remember - something substantial - I definitely felt warmed up. Either saturday or sunday as part of the warmup we did some KB drills. One of the drills was a strict shoulder press, and I managed to Press and push-press the green 12kg KB on both my right and my left side. The press is a new PR for both L & R, the P-P is a PR for the R.

Run 800 Meters

25 Pull-Ups *with green assistance band
50 Burpees
75 Push-Ups
100 KB swings 1.5/1.0P

Run 800 meters

Partition the reps in any order.

I did not originally intend to do this work out at all. I did the warm up with the class, but then I planned to skip the workout in order to set up the 1pm WOD so we could start as close to on-time as possible. It was going to be a long hot day, and I was feeling kinda wrecked, so I didn't mind skipping it. Max convinced me to give it a shot. Every exercise was, for some reason, stupidly difficult, and I only got through 1 round of plus 5 pullups before I realized that I was never going to get done in time for the 1pm workout, so I decided to DNF.The first full round of reps (+ 5 pullups) took me 6:34. My final time for the workout probably would have been in the 50 minute range. However, I DID manage to get a new PR on my 800m time.


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