Friday, May 29, 2009 by Daniel

Friday Fail, part 3

Well, if two points make a line, then three points extra bold line. Or something. Today sucked, just like the last two Fridays.

Climbing was terrible. 10a(o), 10b(f), 10c(f+)

I got the intense pain in my biceps again almost immediately, and the deep cut on my index finger made all the left handholds particularly challenging/painful.

I went home, ate and got a few hours of work in, then went to CrossFit where my goal was simply to NOT DNF this one:

Run 800 Meters
50 Pull-Ups (men C2B)
100 Two-Hand Floor To Overhead 95/65
150 Burpees
Run 800 Meters

DNF. I didn't even complete three rounds (5-10-15 partitioning). Most disastrous DNF yet.

My biceps started screaming at me as soon as I picked up the bar. I don't understand how I can do 150 reps at 95# on Wednesday with no pain, but I can't do 5 reps of the same weight on Friday before the pain sets in. And why always Friday? I can think of three things that set Fridays apart:
  1. Climbing in the morning
  2. Fasting until 1 or so (but I eat before CF, and I fast other days)
  3. It's the day after some heavy bench pressing in the strength routine
Clearly, number one is the most probable cause. Next week I'll beg off climbing, and see how the evening workout fares. It could be I just need a week off for my body to FIX whatever's wrong with my biceps, but there aren't any weeks off on the calendar until after July 12. Maybe a half-volume week would work. I'll know more next week.

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