Monday, April 13, 2009 by Daniel

Oh, right.

Forgot about Social Climbing on Monday:

10b(o), 10d(f+), 11a(f+), 10c(f), 10c(f)

So, not a great night for staying on the wall, but I'm happy with it regardless. The 10d was a really fun technical climb with a lot of exposed stemming and big, open-hand holds. The crux (for me) came in a dihedral that required a drop-knee to a hold right behind your ass, and I had trouble folding up that small - took a few attempts to get my foot up on top of the hold. I'm pleased I managed the 11a with only two falls - it was just vertical, so no crazy overhangs, but there were a lot of "you gotta be kidding me" sloping tiny holds that required some decent pinch strength to pull up on. It required a great deal of concentration, and the gym was crowded, so it's not too surprising that my falls came from neighboring climbers getting a little too close for comfort. The two 10c's were pretty straight-forward, I was just really tired and making stupid mistakes that led to one take each.

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