Tuesday, April 14, 2009 by Rebecca

Rest Day! Tax day. ugh.

11:25 - 7:30 - Hooray! had to get up a LOT to go to the bathroom, but it was still 8 hours of time in bed. And we were able to FINALLY take the cone off the kitty on Saturday night, so the cat door is once again open, and all is well in the world of the kitties. I do not anticipate any further night-time disturbances from them.

8:15 Cheesy scramble with veggie sausage, coffee with milk
8:30 vitamins
11:30 1oz spicy cashews - need to remember to bring some Jerkey!
1:15 cottage cheese, etc.
4:15 bbq chicken & a yam
8:00 chicken quesadilla with cheese and salsa and guacamole, spinach salad , 16oz milk

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