Saturday, March 28, 2009 by Rebecca

OPD - a fundraiser workout.

11:30 - 7:45 Good nights sleep!

ME, Hip Openers, Air Squats


Run 400m
40 deadlifts @ 275#/185# *(115#)
40 box jumps @ 24" *(step up to 20" box)
40 push presses: 2 dumbells @ 50#/35# *(15# dumbells)
Run 400m

The number 4 is prominent, in honor of the four who were killed in the line of duty: Sgt Mark Dunakin, Officer John Hege, Sgt Daniel Sakai, and Sgt Ervin Romans.

40 115# DL
40 Step-ups
40 PP (15# x 2)

This workout was HARD - but satisfying. The Deadlifts were definitely the hardest part of the workout. I had to do them pretty much 1 at a time after about rep 15. They took a LONG time. The box step-ups afterwards were so much harder than they otherwise would have been. They were clumsy and slow. The push-presses weren't so bad ... I probably should have used a 20# dumbell for my left side so that they were equally hard. After the first 10 my right could only get through 5 reps at a time; my left was still ok. The runs were not that bad - my first run was somewhat faster than the time above - i didn't hit my lap timer until i was in front of my deadlift station - which was probably 10 - 15 or seconds after I finished the run - which would make the first run one of my faster times in recent memory. The secod one was definitely harder - but it was great cause it meant i was nearly done. I started out relatively strong, kinda lost steam after the turn around, but my CFEB peeps were cheering for me at the finish line and I was able to put on a little extra gas for the last 50-75m or so.

One of the OPD officers who was there cheered me on for much of the workout. He was wearing a very cool CrosFit OPD t shirt. I, unfortunately, did not learn his name, but I really appreciated his support.

It was great to be there among such a great community of supportive people.

8:30 black coffee
1:30 (ish?) - 3 egg cheese scramble - w/ turkey bacon, 10oz coffee 2/ milk
7:00 (ish) - cheesecake factory - avocado rolls, thai lettuce wraps, crab wontons, 1 pint sierra nevada
7:45 - 4 omega-3
8:45 - 2/3 bowl kale sausage & beans, 16 oz milk

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