Monday, February 16, 2009 by Rebecca

Social Climbing

10a/b (time cop) (f+), 5.9 (sasquatch)(f), 5.8(west wall)(f), 5.9 east wall north of stack)(o), 5.9 (return fog)(f+)

Not my greatest climbing day. I did better when I was sick! My forearms were pretty pumped before I ever got on the wall from Saturday's hopping pushups and my abs were a bit tender from Annie - so I didn't expect to do great, but I struggled on climbs I've done totally clean before. But then there was also my monthly headache that was doing its best to try to beat me down. It finally stopped knocking somewhere in the middle there. At least it was nice just to be back on the wall after missing a week, and spending the time with friends.

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