Tuesday, February 17, 2009 by Rebecca

A new Resolution

I've been frustrated lately feeling like i get overtrained really easily. I feel like i am consatntly doing a half volume week to try to get my energy back up, and I don't really know what the cause is so I've decided to make a conscious effort to a) get a full night's sleep (which I am currently failing at as I write this), and b) start using fit day to track what I eat, and my moods and my sleep to see if I can find a correlation between what worksto help keep me feeling strong, and what does not. Fit day is also not going to help me get to bed on time, especially if I take the tiem, as my OCD tendencies want me to, to set up all the custom foods I eat. SO i'm going to try to deny the worst of those tendencies, and approximate where I can to begin with and just add stuff slowly as I can when I have time. Although with my approximations it looks like I ate about 2100 calories today and 55% of it was fat ... which seems like a lot of calories and a lot of fat ... so ... I have no idea.

Last night I managed to get into bed @ 12:05. It is 12:05 right now - so I guess tonight will be a little bit later. (But not much - signing off)

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