Wednesday, February 18, 2009 by Daniel

IMPROVE, dammit!

I get frustrated sometimes. You know that fantastic feeling you get when you compare your current level of progress with a previous version of yourself, and can measure how far you've come? Yeah, that's great.

I don't have that tonight.

100 Squats
25 Pull-Ups (Men C2B)
75 Squats
25 KB Swing 2P/1.5P
25 Pull-Ups (Men C2B)
50 Squats
50 Push-Ups
25 Pull-Ups (Men C2B)
25 Squats
75 Double-Unders
25 Pull-Ups (Men C2B)

43:56 not-quite-RX (about 25% of the pullups were not C2B)

I went into this working knowing that it was going to be a high-volume slogfest, but I made a promise with myself to PUSH, dammit. To not rest so much, or for so long. Clearly, that didn't happen. Things went pretty well until the push-ups, and then they went to shit. I had to take breaks frequently with the push-ups, pull-ups and double-unders, in order to keep my form above a B. And my form WAS solid - until the last round of pull-ups, when we were running out of time and I just had to get them done. I wanted a time in the mid-30's, so I was about 8-9 minutes off the mark.

Rationally, I realize that I should really only compare myself to myself, and not to others. Other people have more training, better genes, smaller levers, etc. Emotionally, however, I find this difficult to do. Part of what motivates me is the mild competition of identifying someone who is a little better than I am, and striving to beat them. The trouble comes when they improve faster than I do. Grrr.

It's not that big a deal. I'm pretty used to it, by now, and I'm not going to go turn the lights out, put on some Morrissey and obsess over my receding hairline (that one's for you, Ynez). But that is where I'm at tonight: frustrated. I want more. to go Faster. Stronger. Longer. NOW.

More fuel for the fire, I suppose.


Ynez Arce said...

Well Mr. Olmstead, that's what you get for making digs at Morrissey. He's innocent in all this!
Just one day of many more to kick ass.

Maximus Lewin said...

Daniel, this may sound crazy, but you should work out, just once, to the point where you puke. Then you will really know where your limits are and what is just mental weakness. Tonight would be a good opportunity.

Evelyn said...

Digs at Morrissey? Do I have to come over and hurt you?
Progress is not linear. There may be lots of reasons but I think the main one is that it's common to improve in leaps and bounds initially. As you get closer to your (I hate to say this) genetic potential, it tapers off. Your change of diet may help w/ the strength stuff. As for cardio, it's fickle; one day you got it, one day you don't. But you knew all of this already. :0)
You rock, even on bad days Daniel.

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