Sunday, February 1, 2009 by Daniel

4 x 400m

What with Barbara and Heavy Helen last night, most CFEB athletes were feeling pretty torn up today. Max had mercy on us and gave us a simple sprint workout to spare our battered upper bodies:

Run 400 Meters every five minutes on the fifth minute for 15 minutes.

1:18 | 1:24 | 1:24 | 1:25 = 5:31 total

These times are OK, but not great. My fastest 400m to date is 1:12, but that was done at a real track and with glycogen in my system. Fasting is, I think, detrimental to performance in sprint-type workouts - I certainly felt like I ran out of gas 200m in today. I also hate running on the road, because I spend so much energy adjusting my stride to avoid seams and potholes, and can't just open up and concentrate on the running.

Interestingly, my calves were burning from yesterday. I think it's the heavy KB swings - I pop up on to my toes to generate enough momentum to get that 2 pood overhead, and that's wearying to calf muscles. Thankfully, I have no real soreness from yesterday's squats. I don't know what went so horribly wrong in Virginia to cripple me for a week, but I'm glad it hasn't happened again.

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Evelyn said...

These may not be close to PR but considering what hell you gave your calves in the two days prior to the sprints, you did great. Your legs were probably pretty mad at you.

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