Monday, January 26, 2009 by Rebecca

Social Climbing

5.9 (c), 5.10a (f+), 5.10a(dnf) 5.9(dnf)

Well - it started out well, but went quickly downhill.

I was sad to discover that the book-ish white 10a that I had enjoyed so much 2 weeks ago and been replaced by a 10b. So I warmed up with the 5.9 on the back wall by the rings. I think it went better than the last time I did it.

I was lovingly bullied into trying the 10a (tincture) on the non-lead only part of the cave by Maeve. I wasn't going to try it because it had a big pumpy looking overhang that I was fairly certain I would fail to get over. It took a couple tries, but I did, in fact, manage to make it over the lip (Maeve and Ynez are fantastic cheer leaders!), and the rest of the climb went well.

I think that making it over the overhang just about killed me for the rest of the night. The next climb i tried had an overhang right at the beginning of the climgb that I couldn't get over, and I gave up on the 5.9 when every move was bookended by a fall.

I'm not going to get to morose about it though, cause I'm pretty excited I managed that 10a, and I'm also just surprised that climbing was even an option today after how wrecked I felt yesterday.

I am glad tomorrow is a rest day.

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