Monday, January 26, 2009 by Daniel

Deadlifts and a couple cilmbs

Wow, I'm nearly a week behind in my posting, so I'll keep this short:

Deadlifts x 5: 95-135-185-235-235-235-235-235

These felt strong and solid. However, it was during the busiest hour of the day, so I had to share the lifting corner with people doing all sorts of bizarre and exceedingly silly things with resistance bands (seriously: half-ROM curls with bands?). They like the lifting corner because it has a mirror, and they can watch themselves in all their ridiculous glory. I really wish they'd go tie their band to a leg press or the smith machine, since hardly anybody uses those.

But I don't judge. ;)

I lifted because I could barely walk, after Sunday's run. Since I could barely climb stairs, I figured I'd stay off the walls. After the deadlifts, though, I felt warmed up and didn't have much pain, so I joined in the social climbing and knocked off a 10b and a 10c.

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