Sunday, January 25, 2009 by Rebecca

10k ?! Yowza!

Today's WOD: Run 10k.

Results: 1:22 minus a few seconds for misunderstanding where the finish line was.

Comments: This was nearly twice as far as I have ever run or at least - well - i actually have no idea how long i actually ran for on the thanksgiving trail run since I took a detour - and apparently, I didn't even manage to put my total time in my blog post. That was pretty dumb. 1:07 sounds kinda familiar ... At any rate, it's kind of apples to oranges since there were no hills this time around and there were a TON on that trail - but i still don't think it was anywhere near 10k.

Anyway. I am very pleased with my performance today. I set my watch for 3 minutes on, one minute off, and I managed to stick to that right up until nearly the very end (1:08 in or so), and ultimately it wasn't my aerobic capacity or even my strength that gave out on me (though it probably would have pretty quickly) the reason i finally couldn't keep running was a bad choice of socks.

Aggravatingly, I forgot to really consider what socks I was wearing, and chose a regular old pair of cotton athletic socks - the kind with a sort of terry-cloth like interior, which was a big mistake. By the last 10-20% of the run, the constant and repeated striking of the ball of my foot against the pavement just rubbed the balls of my feet raw, and I just couldn't ignore the pain anymore. I was extremely relieved when i finally took off my socks to see that I hadn't actually caused any damage. it sure felt like i had. I really tried to gut it out through the pain, I could SEE the end of my route and it was CLOSE. I even tried running heel strike, but I found that to be incredibly jaring, and couldn't keep it up.

I managed to avoid getting a side stitch the entire time. And I feel like I did a pretty good job of keeping my posture neutral. There was one time where I started to get a stitch in my left shoulder, of all places, but I made a conscious effort to release the tension from my shoulders and stand up straight, and fortunately a 1 minute walking period came up pretty quickly, and I was able to walk it out, and it didn't come back. It was really only starting around the 1 hour mark that the 1 minute walking breaks really didn't feel long enough to get my wind back.

By the end of the run - everything was complaining - my right hip and my shoulders in particular. Has anyone else had the experience of their arms getting tired on really long runs? They were tired to begin with from all the pushups I've done this week ...

I ran with an iPod for the first time today, and at first had a really hard time navigating the ear phones and the cord and the volume and it was all just in my way, and while i mostly liked having the music, I was seriously considering taking it off just to get rid of the annoyance factor. It also made it hard to hear my watch chiming at me to to tell me when to walk or run - i missed a couple of them. But after enough futzing I finally found a good setup with one earphone in and the other tucked into my vest, and was finally able to mostly just ignore it and enjoy the music. I especially liked running to Green Day's Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams. The song Meatloaf sings from the Rocky Horror picture show was the only one i really didn't like running to. There was just something wrong with the beat, and I couldn't get a good running or breathing cadence going.

Overall, I actually really enjoyed myself today. Next time I'll do better. I'll be able to stick to my running schedule, and maybe even be able to bump it up to 4 minutes on 1.5 or 1 minute off or something. Tomorrow I'm just hoping to be able to walk ... ;-)


Jenn said...

Congrats on finishing your first 10K!

Re tired arms - it may come from scrunching your arms and shoulders as you get fatigued from running. A lot of people tend to "pinch up" during long runs. They draw their shoulders forward and up, and bend their arms so that the fists are almost even with their shoulders. All of that contributes to arm fatigue. If you concentrate on keeping your shoulders and arms relaxed, and not clenching your hands into fists, it should help with the arm fatigue.

Army geek that I am, I like running to jody calls (since that's what jody calls are designed for). I have a bunch of Airborne/Ranger cadences on my iPod.

Evelyn said...

You did fantastic! I can't believe you kept running after your sock fiasco. Tenacious, Ralls!

Melissa Byers said...

Awesome, Rebecca! That's quite an accomplishment. Good for you for battling it out.

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