Saturday, January 10, 2009 by Daniel

Learning my lesson

OK, ok, I get it. Working out twice a day, multiple days a week, is bad for you. Unless you're very careful to eat enough, sleep enough, and be young enough, it's a recipe for overtraining. And yet...I keep doing it, lately.

It's not even that I feel particularly DRIVEN or anything. It's just that there are all these opportunities, and sometimes it's hard to say no, and they add up. So I was pretty exhausted last night, but I got a solid 10 hours' sleep, and woke up feeling pretty good. I went to this morning's class, but vowed to take it easy and just treat it like a warmup, basically, in anticipation of this afternoon's firebreather class.

AMRAP* in 20 minutes
12 KB deadlift
3 KB clean left arm
3 KB push-press left arm
9 KB swing
3 KB clean right arm
3 KB push-press right arm

Men: 1.5 P

I did 6 rounds in 10 minutes with 1 pood. It felt almost like goofing off. I spent the rest of the time taking pictures of folks who were actually working.

Then we went to Rudy's for lunch, where the poor waitress was VERY proactive about meeting our no-sugar requirements. She even got the cook to yell at her, she was asking about so many things. It's pretty difficult to get a meal together there without sugar, but we figured out the burgers (on sourdough) are OK, as are some of the omelets. It took the typical Rudy's long time, though, so that by the end of lunch I just went back to gym rather than going home.

The skills we worked on in the advanced class were pistols, muscle-ups and L-pullups. I'm actually kinda close on pistols - I can get down if I hold my foot, I just can't get back up again. Similarly, I can do an L-pullup if you're generous with the obliqueness of the angle on the L. I am hopeless with the muscle-up. I can't even maintain the false grip, and as soon as I start to try and kip my fingers slide back into regular pullup position. I really need to just practice holding the false grip, I think.

The workout was, as it turns out, a typo:

100 KB Hang Cleans, 1.5 pood

4:42 RX

He meants to write "Hang Snatches," which, obviously, would have put the workout into the same "oh, shit" category as last week's. As it was, it was difficult, but not inordinately so, and many of us suspected he meant to say snatches so practiced those for a while afterward. I can do 1.5 pood snatches, but not well, and the idea of 100 scares me. He's said that's what we'll do next week, though, so I guess I better suck it up.

My biceps have the telltale deep ache of potential overtraining, so I think I should lay off arm-intensive stuff for a little bit. We're going to miss class tomorrow, but could maybe get in some 5x5 deadlifts. Or maybe not.

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Evelyn Rodas said...

You are getting vewwy, vewwy sleepy. Now go rest.

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