Friday, January 9, 2009 by Daniel

Research suggests thrusters may mess you up

It appears there are some Level II goals that I will not make by March 1. I may not EVER get a bodyweight bench press, or a 30 second L-sit, but for some strange, masochistic reason I really want what many consider the out-and-out hardest (or at least most random) skill in Level II: 45 thrusters at half-bodyweight.

For me this is 87 pounds.

There is no elaboration on just HOW this stupidly painful task is to be accomplished, so I have decided to assign it "bear rules": you can rest as often and as long as you like, provided you never actually put down the bar. You can rest the bar on your back, shoulders (rack position), or hang grip. No sitting or kneeling. Or whining.

To that end, I've set out on a plan: 50 thrusters, bear rules, before climbing every Friday morning. Starting at 67 pounds and adding 5 pounds a week. If I can't make it through one week, try again at the same weight the next week. So, this morning at Ironworks:

50 thrusters at 67#, sets of 10, bear rules
ML10a(c), 10d(DNF), ML10b(c), 10d(f+), 10c(f+)

The thrusters were bad, but tolerable. I rested the bar either on my back or in hang position, and the rests got decreasingly restful. I should probably take shorter rests.

No doubt due to a combination of tiredness from last night's squats and cleans plus the thrusters, my climbing was crap. The mocks went well - no faults that I could spot - but the first 10d included a seriously hard roof that required a pure strength move akin to a one-arm ring-row and lockoff. It just wasn't gonna happen today, and it pumped my arms for everything else. The second 10d went better, but was still pretty awkward. The last 10c was a joke - I've done it before clean, it's not THAT hard a climb, but today it was. I fell off three or four times, all due to muscle fatigue.

Not surprisingly, tonight's WOD didn't go all that swimmingly. Max is out of town, so the class was lead by Shira, and she led a fun warmup of partner-based movements. The workout itself was dubbed "Little Lynn":

5 rounds
Max rep ring push-ups with feet on box
Max rep C2B pull-ups

Ring push-ups: 3-7-5-6-7
C2B pull-ups: 5-2-3-4-6

My form improved on the ring push-ups, which is why my numbers went up. Shira kept telling me my stomach was weak and I need to stop collapsing my back. More planks, I guess. The C2B's just weren't happening. I had that deep ache in my biceps and forearms that I get from a lot of climbing. Fish oil and hopefully a nice long night's sleep will hopefully address this issue.

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Evelyn Rodas said...

"bear rules" :0)
You absolutely can get 30 second L-sit, muscle-up, 50 reps of 1/2 bw thrusters and a bodyweight benchpress. If you want it, you will make it happen. This is not to say you don't work hard. Quite the opposite. I'm saying you're capable of far more than you're giving yourself credit for. Go get it.

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