Monday, January 12, 2009 by Daniel

5x5's and a little climbing

I've been itching to deadlift lately. Not really sure why, but it's been calling to me. Perhaps because it's by far the heaviest and most satisfying lift I can do, and perhaps I just feel incomplete if I only squat in the week. and don't deadlift.

DL x 5: 135-185-230-230-230-230-230
Climbing: ML10a(c), 10c(o), 10d(f+)

The deadlifts were, in fact, satisfying and not that hard. 230 is 80% of 285, my last recorded 1RM, and seems a good place to restart linear progression. It's my hope that the added CNS hit of the squats and deadlifts will promote further strength gains.

The downside of the deadlifts seems to be that they diminish my grip (unsurprisingly), making climbing a bit more challenging. The 10a mock went quite awkwardly, and I wasn't really feeling it so didn't mock again. The 10c was an interesting combination of roof, negative and some really tight book stemming - I quite liked it. The 10d was one I've done a couple times before, but really like, and with the couple pieces of beta that I can never remember (ie, the hold after the roof that looks like a foothold is actually very useful for your right hand) I could do it clean. It'll probably be gone soon, but I hope I get a chance to do it again.


brian said...

Switch to a hook grip if you wanna save your forearms for climbing. I mean, unless you want the added climbing challenge...

Evelyn Rodas said...

--and mixed grip.
What is CNS?
Good climbing in any case but especially considering your grip was compromised!

Daniel said...

CNS = Central Nervous System

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