Monday, January 12, 2009 by Rebecca

Social Climbing

5.10a(f), 5.10a/b(f+++), 5.9(f++)

The night started out pretty well - i started with the book-y 10a by the west wall - and I did it nearly clean with the exception of a single move whose geometry baffled me, and then i discovered I needed to get my left hip to the wall and front step up to a hold instead of keeping my right hip to the wall and trying to find the hold with my foot. Once I made it to the top I made Daniel stop me half way down so I could try it again, and I was able to get it. so next time that climb should give me no trouble.

The 10ab was ... laughable. The first part was ok, but the end of the climb was a steep incline with very small handholds, and if Alex, who was belaying me, hadn't lent some weight to the rope (essentially hauling me up the climb) i never would have made it to the top.

The 9a was ... somewhat better than the a/b, but not much. I did make it to top under my own power, but there was a lot of resting. I'm edified to have made it to the to, since the last time I tried this one I couldn't make it past the start. I might do better if I tried it not immediately after getting totally pumped on a previous climb. Sometimes I really hate the stregthy bias of the walls @ Ironworks.

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