Thursday, January 22, 2009 by Rebecca

5x5 back squats only

I was late getting to the gym today - about 45 minutes after daniel (stupid work thing), so i only did the back squat part of my workout - without a whole lot of warming up because i was afraid i was going to lose the squat cage Daniel had just vacated - but it still went relatively well.

Back squat x 5

We forgot the Camera again. Next time, we will remember.

I will be at this weight again next week. To use Melissa's scale, I would say my form was probably (depending on the squat) anywhere from a C to a B-. It definitely degraded as the sets wore on. I will stay at this weight until I can keep better form.

Today my focus was primarily on depth, and secondarily on keeping my knees out. They are a great deal more solid than they were; they no longer wobble in and out as I am trying to stand back up, they just sort of stay slightly in. I guess I should re-read this:

My fail on rep 5 of my first set was due to attempting to keep my knees out, and, for whatever reason, i lost the ability to stand back up by keeping them out. My guess is a weak ... something - hamstring, glute, or adductor. maybe all three.

I only really struggled with the last few reps of the last few sets, though, so this is clearly the right weight. I know I could go heavier and not entirely fail, but my form would certainly suffer, so it'll be 65# next time, too.

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