Wednesday, December 10, 2008 by Daniel


Well, that was horrible.

I did not anticipate a PR going into class tonight. Mentally and spiritually I have been rather down the past couple days, due to some fairly heavy family shit. Mostly yesterday I just wanted something to kick me out of my funk, and in that, at least, the work-out was successful.

In everything else, however...

Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings
12 Pull-ups

13:55 RX
Splits: 3:43 | 4:53 | 5:20
Last time: 3:50 | 4:27 | 4:37

One minute slower, and SIGNIFICANTLY more painful. Hours later, and I'm still coughing. I think there were a few contributing factors here:
  • My mental state, which was pretty poor.
  • I did the first half with bar pullups, and then got frustrated with how long it was taking (I could only string 2-3 together) and switched to ring pullups, which I could do at least 6 at a time.
  • There was literally something in the air. My throat and lungs burned with the anger of a thousand fires. When it was over and I was walking around a little to recover, I had a mild bit of panic that I just couldn't seem to get enough oxygen. Max said he could smell something in the air (I couldn't). I wondered if maybe it was the coldness of the air, but we've done metcons in the cold before. Don't know what it was, but it hurt.
  • Max wants us to focus on intensity this week, and egged us on to hit this "as hard as you've ever hit anything." No pauses for transitions. I tried this in the first round, and it hurt like hell and, I think, damaged my time in later rounds. The splits don't really reflect it, but the fact that I was 7 seconds faster with bar pullups, which take much longer, says a lot to me.
So it was a disappointing result, but not altogether surprising. I'm really tired of bar pullups being the limiting factor for me. 1.5 weeks into my pullup program, I feel like it probably is helping with deadhangs, but I need to re-find my kipping technique. Tonight is Murph, and there aren't really rings at the Power Company, so it's going to have to be entirely on the bar. Plenty of time to practice, I guess.

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