Monday, November 24, 2008 by Daniel

Social Climbing at GWPC

Fun time at the Power Company tonight. Present were Max, Evelyn, Elaine, Brandon, James M., and of course me and Rebecca. John and Maeve were also around, but they were doing their own things.

Climbs: 10a(o), 10b(o), 10d(f+), 10c(o)

In general a good night. Pretty tired from the week's WODs, I treated this mostly as active recovery and a chance to concentrate on technique. The 10a was an easy bit of vert, but I made a couple stupid non-tree-sloth moves that forced some awkward catching. The 10b went much more smoothly. The 10d was the only really challenging climb of the night, and I had two takes on it - the first was a slip, the second was tired arms. It was a good climb, though - some good opportunities to rest, and some very delicate traverses both forward and back. The 10c was up a long negative with a roof at the top, but the holds were solid where they needed to be so there wasn't any awkward flailing about.

Most of the night was focused on Jim's 10d that I climbed back in September (You can see Max working the dihedral in the pic above). It's a good climb that I'd like to try again, but odds are it will be gone by the next time I get to the Power Company. Alas.

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